Saturday, February 21, 2009

Creating a WOW experience
Today we heard from Jeff with Disney Institute at the annual Keller Williams Convention. He talked about what makes Disney so magical. There are many things that happen behind the scenes to make everything appear magical. There are over 60,000 employees and everyone has a task in their position. Everyone's task is different depending on their job title. However, the purpose of every Disney employee is exactly the same. To make sure the guests have a WOW experience while in the park.

The Korn Team is set up the same way. Everyone on our team is a specialist in their piece of the real estate transaction. We all have tasks to complete to ensure our clients have a smooth move when they buy or sell. However our purpose is the same. We understand that the average person moves every 5 years or so. Because it is not something the average person does often, there is a lot of uncertainty and concerns when planning a move. Our Purpose is to take away as many of the stresses of selling or buying as we possibly can.

A simple example is our moving truck. We understand that finding a moving truck can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. How about moving boxes...that is even more frustrating to find. We offer those to our clients as a courtesy so that you have two less stress items you will have to worry about.

If you know anyone who is planning to buy or sell in the next 6 months or so, don't hesitate to have them contact us. We will be glad to discuss their or your situation and formulate a plan to ensure you have a Disney type experience. After all, you should be able to completey enjoy the process of buying or selling your home, and want to celebrate when you get to the closing table.

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