Thursday, December 25, 2014

Korn Team Sells Homes During the Holidays and gets over 2% higher sale price over market average

#1 Reason to Sell During the Holiday Months   (and not wait till Spring)

You can have your house on the market THIS WEEKEND! Don't miss another buyer that might just fall in love with your property and pay your asking price.

The Kansas City market is moving during the months of November to March each year...even in the current market conditions. Last year over 10,000 homes sold during the winter months, averaging 2,000 closings per month and so far this year since November 1st to Christmas day there have been 1,317 homes that have sold. The average property with an average marketing plan (or possibly no marketing plan) sold for 96.7% of asking price. The Korn Team has been averaging 98.8% of askgin price over the last 16 years. That is over $4,000 more equity on a $200,000 home. There is no reason to leave that money "on the table". If you are planning a possible sale anytime in the next 3 months and/or you tried to sell your home in the past 6 months... call the Korn Team today! Let us give you an honest opinion on what you can expect from the current Kansas City area real estate market conditions.

Here is REASON #1  to sell now, during the Holidays.

We've been covering that twelve days of Christmas or have we been covering the
twelve reasons to sell your house during the holidays? If you had planned on selling this past year, and took a break because your home didn't sell, OR you are planning to sell this Spring... then I am so glad you are reading this blog, or watching this video. I want to give you the best present of all this season, a FAST sale AND more Equity...that is money in your pocket!

The #1 best thing you can do by selling your house during the holidays is to give yourself the opportunity to buy your new house with less stress and worrying when there are more houses on the market. If you wait till spring when more houses are on the market those market conditions will help drive prices down because there can be an over-supply of homes. Most agents don't think about supply and demand when giving advice on taking advantage of real estate market conditions therefore they can agree with you that the holidays are a good time to "take a break". The thing to truly consider is that when you sell your house during the holidays when there is less inventory helping you find a more serious buyer AND have less houses to compete with, YOU are able to come into that Spring Market as a non contingent buyer with a solid contract on the sale of your property.

That is the BEST reason of all 12 reasons to call the Korn Team and get your house SOLD during the holiday. In fact, The Korn Team has a proven record of selling over 250 homes during the months of November to March and best of all, The Korn Team was averaging a 98.8% of asking price AND over 98% of those homes sold in less than 60 days.

Happy Holidays from The Korn Team
We sincerely appreciate everyone that has entrusted us with their biggest asset (their Equity).

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Sales just for the month of December
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