Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reason #8 to Sell Your Property Now, only EIGHT Days from Christmas:

We've been covering that twelve days of Christmas or have we been covering the twelve reasons to sell your house during the holidays? There are many reasons why you should sell your home now vs waiting till spring. Check out the following video clips. Remember, these tips are to help you, the home owner get the most equity possible when you do sell.
Here are one of the 2,200 reasons why you can sell your property now and not wait till after Christmas.

Reason #8:

There are buyers that buy real estate for Tax Reasons. They have to do something before the end of the year.
Like the 12 Days of Christmas, we want to share with you 12 reasons why you will want to get your house on the market now...during the holidays, and NOT wait till Spring. The Korn Team has sold 250 homes over the past 17 years during the holiday and fall months. And in KC there were over 2,200 properties sold and closed in the Greater KC area just in the month of December and so far this year there have been 1043 properties sold and closed. We are consistently selling over 2,000 properties in the month of December. So, the question is, who told you it was a slow market? If you are planning to sell this Spring, right now is the best time to get the most equity and put more money in your pocket or down on your next home.
Happy Holidays from The Korn Team
We sincerely appreciate everyone that has entrusted us with their biggest asset (their Equity).

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