Thursday, June 12, 2008

Investment Tip from The Korn Team

Here is a recent response to one of our investors that buys and flips homes. We are currently listing a property (which they did make a good investment on) and wanted to give him some additional tips to consider for the next property he purchases.

One thing I may have mentioned in the past is to really keep your eyes open for 3+ bedrooms with at least 1 1/2 baths. When considering a one bath home you will want to be getting a SUPER SUPER good deal, and/or if you plan to ad a 1/2 bath, then I would be careful on those properties. There are so many 3 bedrooms with more than one bath currently for sale, and it really does seem to take longer to sell the one bath homes over the 1 1/2 plus bath homes.

Garages are another HUGE plus! Even having a one car garage has much more demand than a home with no garage.

Good luck investing. If you would like a list of the investment values in Kansas City, just give us a call at 816-224-KORN (5676) and we will sign you up for our FREE Instant Notification Program that will email you properties the day they become available.