Monday, August 08, 2011

Do You Rely on a Computer
to Give You the Value of Your Home?

I recently received a request from a gentleman that would like to move. He visited some sites to see what the value of his home would be. He contacted The Korn Team because we have been endorsed by national radio personalities on their programs and we sell over 100 properties throughout the KC area in both Missouri and Kansas. We also have a team and sell in Lincoln, NE.

This property was located in a small rural community just about 30 minutes south of the Greater Kansas City area on the MO side in Cass County. One site he may have relied on lead him to believe his home could be valued at clost to $150,000. As you can see from an indepth market review through our MLS and even looking outside of his community and using data from the entire County...There are only a few homes that sold higher than 70k....and the absolute most expensive property that did sell and close in the past 8 months was for 122k.

The tax assessed value on this home is $67,840. As a professional we do not rely on computer systems, let alone the tax assessed value, by itself. We must truly evaluate what is the demand for properties in the area under the current market conditions. Once we determine what the actual sale prices have been, then we can determine how much competition we have at that price...what is currently for sale. Does that sale price postition you as one of the cheapest homes on the market? In my experience after evaluating thousands of homes...yes it does. SO, be careful!!!! You may underprice your property if your supply is low and every other seller is underpricing thier properties. In that case, you might be able to position slightly higher and get more out of the market than you are supposed to.
On the other hand, if the supply is high, and there is a 1-2+ year supply of homes on the market, and they are priced low, you must position yourself competitively...wether you like that price or not (of course that is if you must sell your property or home).

The Korn Team, Keller Williams Eastland Partners can help you determine where you should be positioned in the market to get the most money, in the shortest amount of time. Don't Take ANY chances when considering selling your home. Too many people out there may tell you want you WANT to hear. The great news is not only will The Korn Team be honest with you, but if you made a great investment, we may tell you what you want to hear as well. Remember, you have worked hard to protect your equity. You owe it to your self to make sure you get professional advice from someone that sells a lot of real estate AND can properly help you intrepret the market. Visit our site at to see how we market properties, tell us you are thinking of selling, or if you want to shop our list of over 19,000 homes currently for sale in the Greater KC area. You may also contact us directly at 816-224-KORN (5676) or email us at