Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why is building wealth with real estate right for you?

If you are looking for financial security, retirement plans, pay for college for kids, travel fund, giving to others in need or if you want to leave a legacy to your friends, family and those who know you....real estate can be one of the best sources of wealth building in America...even in the roughest economies we have had. In fact, real estate might be the safest investment in any of the past economies we have ever seen.

Did you know:

  • 58% of people have not determined their retirement needs?
  • 15% of people are earning $50,000-plus in retirement?
  • 17.5% of people 65 or older are delaying retirement?
  • The median household income is only $50,000 per year

What does all this mean? If someone needs $80,000 a year today to maintain a lifestyle, and that person plans to retire in 15 years, and we know inflation will continue to increase on an average of 3% per year....that person would need $120,000 a year when they retire.

Other scary statistics about retirement plans:

  • 87% of Americans rely on Social Security for some source of retirement
  • 53% of Americans rely on income from assets for retirement
  • 42% of Americans rely on public or private pensions for retirement
  • 26% of Americans rely on earnings for retirement

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Building Wealth Secrets in Newest Book HOLD

Founder of Keller Williams Real Esate, Gary Keller has finished the book series for all Real Estate Agents, Investors AND anyone that wants to build their wealth! His newest book "HOLD" shares how real estate is one of the best sources for wealth building in America. If you are wanting to seriously build your wealth as fast as possible with the highest amount of security, contacts The Korn Team to find out how we can turn your investment portfolio into a retirement program or even pay for college for your grandchildren, nieces, nephews and/or your children.

The book HOLD will distinguish the myths and exciting truths of investing in real estate. In this book we will show you how real estate is the right wealth building vehicle for you. The great thing about his book is many have taken this road to wealth building (which you can read their stories in the book "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller) and our real estate team can help you learn from their success's...and avoid their mistakes! Lastly, this book will share with you the strategies to get started.
Myths and Truths of investing in Real Estate:
  • MYTH: You have to have money to make money
  • MYTH: Real Estate is a get-rich-quick scheme
  • MYTH: It's not the right time
  • MYTH: It's too complicated
  • MYTH: I don't have time
  • MYTH: It's too much work fixing leaky faucets, running toilets
  • MYTH: Tenants just wreck the property

The Truths about Real Estate Investing? (the most "Able" investment)
  • TRUTH: Accessible
  • TRUTH: Appreciable
  • TRUTH: Leverage-able
  • TRUTH: Rentable
  • TRUTH: Improvable
  • TRUTH: Deductible, Depreciable, Deferrable
  • TRUTH: Stable
  • TRUTH: Livable

Other Advantages of Real Estate Investments
  • Cash Flow - passive income
  • Long-term debt at fixed rates don't have to sell to generate cash
  • Assume older loans Click Here to Find Your Propportunity (property opportunity) Now

Find out more information that will be covered in Gary Keller's newest and final book of the investors trilogy "HOLD" by visiting The Korn Team's Investor Success Page