Friday, February 26, 2010

Sell Your Home without "Being There"

Here is an example of how to really Sell your Home without giving away the farm.

There were 5 Tips on GMA today. I am not sure where Tip #5 came from, and thought GMA might want to have some caution with that statement.

I have been selling for over 19 year. It was a great point that the Home Owner can sell the property better, however, home owners also can come across as desperate and commit to fixing things they may not have to, to get a sale. They are excited about their home, and they become overly excited when a buyer comes through the property. The caution is to not over-sell and appear to be desperate. They may have 10 buyers through before they find one that is willing to pay their price. Unfortunately, if the home owner is home, and with the buyer...they will really try to "SELL" it by the 2nd or 3rd buyer and may "give the farm away" to get that buyer to make them an offer.

I realized this from the moment I came into the real estate industry. There is truly not a lot of "marketing" happening.

We create an increadible brochure for every one of our clients. Not just a flyer or an MLS sheet....but a booklet with interior photos, utilities, plat map, room sizes, and most importantly, our TOP TEN Lists which the seller puts together a list of the Top 10 things they LOVE about thier home and the community. They also make a list of all the updates, inside and out, they have done to the property. We also have had them write a paragraph about what they love about living there. These are the tings that can accomplish #5) Be There, without giving away the farm.

Here is an example of what our Brochures Look like.

Top 5 Tips on Good Morning America:

Gary Keller Gave some great Tips and comments on insider information to get your property sold. The big ones were 1)Price to Sell....don't try to make a profit (doesn't mean you can't have your equity). The message is to price just below the last comprable sale, so you will be one of the next homes to sell. 2)Stagging. This is SO important in the current market conditions. As Gary mentioned...Price will get interest. Stagging with get Offers!

One caution that GMA posted was Tip #5) Be There. Here is the thing you must be extremely cautious about. GMA stated that you can sell your home better than anyone. The thing to be extremely cautious about is that your urgency to sell will come through. You may also give hints to the buyer that you will fix and replace things or they may percieve you are desperate to sell when in reality, you are just excited about your home. The Korn Team has been helping our clients accomplish the "Be There" advantage...without physically being there. We can show you how to sell your home and get the buyers focused on all the positives...without giving away equity. Remember, when you negotiate offers...the amounts are in THOUSANDS of Dollars, not hundreds. It is critically important to use the experience of your Realtor, especially someone who is very experienced and has a great reputation in your community. They will help you get the maximum equity the market will bear.

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Real Estate Expert, Gary Keller is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America (ABC) TOMORROW, Friday, Feb. 26. (Time not available. Air date subject to change.)

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Gary spends the majority of his time studying the Real Estate Industry. He has an incredible sense of where Real Estate is headed and is always looking ahead 2-5 years. This will be valuable information for anyone who owns a home.

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