Monday, October 22, 2012

Maximize Wealth Building Strategy thru Real Estate

Some of the strategies discussed in the book HOLD by Gary Keller on
how to get started to
maximizing your wealth building strategy
through real estate

  • Use your 401(k) to purchase rental property
  • Refinance to invest
  • Ask grandparents to buy rental properties for grandchildren
  • Examine and reduce your expenses
  • Live on a budget below your means
Some Financing strategies include:

  • Purchase properties with a 15-year mortgage
  • Accelerate your debt pay down - regardless of your mortgage length (paying extra when you can)
  • Use interest-only loans for cash flow
  • Take advantage of self-directed IRA's and buy real estate rentals

What types of properties work best according to the book HOLD?

  • Investment in single-family homes
  • Buy "fixer-uppers" and make improvements
  • Sell one property and buy two others
  • Buy your retirement home now - have your tenant pay it off
  • Exchange out-of-state investments for properties in a stronger growth area
  • Use lease purchases - increase cash flow
  • Buy foreclosures and short sales for instant equity

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