Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Want $2,000 to $12,000 more (or even $25k-$50k for luxury properties) when you sell your property?

ATTENTION Home Owners:
Thinking of selling your property? WHY are you waiting?????

Here are the FACTs and
staggering statistics to YOUR pocket book:

Special message from Brad Korn: Please keep in mind this information is not available to just anyone and the interpretation of the following charts is not known by 95% of the realtors in the area. This is information we know because The Korn Team is selling 4x's more real estate than the average agent. Now you can take advantage of our experience and when you contact us, we will share with you our strategy to get our sellers the most money possible when they sell their homes.

Now is the time to get MORE for your property and get a HIGHER sale price, about 2% higher to be exact. On a $200k home, that is an extra $4,000 that could just not be there. In fact, you will see that this is really more like $12,000 if you do the smart thing, and call the Korn Team who has sold over 2,500 homes over the past 25 years and continues to sell an average of 100 properties each year averaging 98.8% of our list price on Korn Team listings sold. Look at our statistics for sales between the months of November - March at

Here are the current 4th Quarter numbers and what they mean to you as a home owner thinking of selling anytime in the next 6 months to 1 year. Now may be the absolute best time for you to consider selling. You will get more equity from your home AND trade up to a larger home with the lower interest rates.

Interesting statistic: If the interest rate goes up 1% and you are buying a 180k home, you would pay $10,000 more for that home (and the sad thing is it is all interest).

4th Quarter Statistics: provided by the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors.

For Kansas city home owners, the pending sales are up over 13% which means more buyers where making offers on properties in the current market and if you compare that to the actual CLOSED sales, that were only up about 3% there are 3x's MORE buyers writing offers on properties right now. If you thought things slow down over the winter months... you may have missed out on an opportunity for more buyers than ANY other quarter (by the way, this market will continue from January through March. Check out where the Korn Team sold over 280+ properties during the months of November thru March and averaged 98.8% of list price. More easily said, the Korn Team can get you almost 1% higher sale price over all other months throughout the year, and that is 3-4% higher sale prices over the market average.

The current ACTIVE, for sale inventory is DOWN over 27%. Again... LOOK at what this means to you if you are waiting till Spring to sell your home. The number of homes for sale is DOWN 27%, the Pending Sales are UP 13% and when you see the final numbers... you may want to pick up the phone and call The Korn Team right now!!! If you wait till Spring, you could be missing out on $4k-$12k IN YOUR POCKET when you use the Korn Team to help you take advantage of the current market conditions and put together a strategy that will get you the more money than you should be able to get. Remember: it cost you nothing to meet with us, and it could cost you a LOT if you don't! Our strategy meeting is free. We can give you a no cost, no obligation, Brokers price opinion and strategy plan to beat the market.

Another recap: When Supply is LOW and demand is HIGH... that is the perfect time to sell. If you see in the green box, according to the KCRAR reports, Seller activity is going to go up because of the low supply. If you wait until more sellers come on the market, the supply will go up, and if the demand stays where it is, the buyers will have more choices. Simple economics show that when supply is UP and demand is DOWN, or lower now because more properties are for sale now,  the buyers have more choices and will make slightly lower offers AND you will have to seriously consider, or they will go buy their next favorite property.

Here are the numbers that should matter to you, the home owner thinking of selling in the next 6 months to 1 year: Sale prices have gone up 6% and the sellers in Oct-Dec are getting 1% HIGHER sale prices. You will NOT see this after April or May. You have a JUMP On the market right now to  
    #1) Get MORE money when you sell.
    #2) Get MORE house when you buy.

There has never been a time when you can SELL HIGH and BUY LOW. Economics does not allow the 2 to co-exist. Well, right now in the current market conditions, you can sell as high as you are going to, at least until April or May. By June all the summer sellers will be hitting the market driving the supply UP and giving buyers WAY MORE choices. AND....until April or May, because the current inventory is the lowest it has been, and pending sales are way up, AND the list price to sale price ratio is 1% higher AND the interest rates can still be in the 4% range... you are in the best, closest market we will ever see for a Sell Highest you can in this market, and Buy Lower than we have ever seen in any other market. This is the closest market condition where both are existing together.

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