Friday, March 22, 2019

KornTeam Marketing Plan

KornTeam Marketing Plan
to get our seller clients the most exposure possible when selling

I had an out of town client asking about our marketing plan, and after I typed up this response, I thought it would be good to share.

What type of marketing will you do and what is the value for the commission I am paying?

We take the extra step to make sure our clients properties get maximum exposure, and stay in front of the buyers more often, and longer.

Attached is a sample brochure we create with the report cover and slide bar so the buyers will pick this up at the property and take it home with them. It is not a flyer or stapled sheet that just gets folded up and forgotten or left on the floor board of their car This will get inside their house and lay around in the kitchen for a few more days.


This is just one example of something no one else does. I have never seen a "take home brochure" like this in my 29 years of selling.... and we put them in every property.

Also, we take over 300 photos and use them to get you higher rankings online. Our MLS now allows 99 photos. The internet search engines LOVE to see a lot of complete data. We fill in every possible field with information to get you the most exposure possible. Again, most agents, over 1/2, do not put in square footage and abour 1/3rd do not fill in elementary, middle or high school info. These are two very important items for a just about every buyer.

                                           Bad Photos                           Good Photos
Bad Listing, Didn't use all the photos, Didn't fill in Sq Footage

So, if we use all 99 photos, and fill in sq ftg, schools, and very complete data, you will be on the first screen of someone's search that matches this house. In fact, you could be a 96% match, and you would show up on their screen before a property that is 100% match, but the agent only uploaded 25 photos, or no photos at all, and didn't fill in sq ftg, etc.

The other best marketing idea of all, to ensure every agent will show the property is to offer a slightly  higher commission over what most agents will charge. By charging a fee that most agents charge (by the way, there is no set commission rate. All commissions are different and negotiable from agent to agent) your property is "in with the mix" We know by offering a slightly higher commission, it can make your property stand out more, because it is different. We have tracked this closely, and where the KC market is getting about 95%-96% of list price, we are getting 98.8% of list price (on over 800 listings sold), so we know we are getting our clients 2-3% higher prices for that extra rate. We use our extra amount to pay for more exposure and marketing in up front costs, mostly in enhanced listings online, however we also use reflective yard signs to get 24/7 marketing of our properties, the brochures and more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the marketing things we do. 

The Korn Team
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You can inquire about a personalized marketing strategy for your property to see if these type of marketing items will generate you thousands more in equity.