Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Low Interest Rates and Strong Housing Inventory Provide Opportunity and Promise for Summer Home Buyers

Mortgage rates recently dropped to all time lows with conventional 30 year fixed rates approaching the 4.99% range in April of this year. It must be working because mortgage applications rose 1.1%. The Credit Unions are jumping into the mortgage game as well. They have been able to get customers with slightly higher credit ratios into a loan. There are typically low costs to join credit unions and many times that local connection is a nice touch.

So, not only is it possible to get a loan right now, with summer here there is a lot favoring buyers right now. We have all heard the saying, more homes sell between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The reality to that statement is that the most amount of homes to chose from are available during those times. With increased competition, that can help a buyer find more homes that meet most of your needs and wants. We typically advise buyers in this market that instead of getting 5-6 of the things you want in a home (during a fast selling market with low inventory) you can get 8-9 of the things you want when there is a lot of homes for sale. There is just more to choose from.

It is important if you truly want to take advantage of this market that you do several things. First, identify your preferred area. We can help you put together a checklist of what areas to look for and how to ensure you know about properties as they become available. Second, (and probably most important) is to get your finances in order. If you truly want to take advantage of a great deal this summer we can show you how this one step can be the difference between buying your dream home AND getting a great deal OR losing out on that home. Losing the right property to another buyer can be avoided if you are pre-approved.

Just those two points validate that using an experienced agent to negotiate the best price and guide buyers through the inspection and to closing is so important when someone is dealing with one of the biggest purchases in their lifetime...a home. Plus, buying a home should be fun and exciting. This is not the transaction where you want to give that up by using an agent that only sells 4-10 homes a year. When you find an agent or team that sells 100 homes a year, there are going to have 10 times the experience and most likely have systems in place to make the home buying process and enjoyable as possible.

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