Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Instant Listing

The Korn Team has created a system for our Seller's that truly helps them get th ebsolute most exposure possible on their property. We have created the Instant Listing. Our philosophy on marketing property is that every day your property is not getting full exposure to the market, you could be missing that "one" buyer that would have paid the most for your property.

It is typical for a home, once listed to take several days, if not a week to get all the marketing in place. Our team realizes if it takes a few days to get all your marketing in place, there may be a buyer in the market looking at another home for sale in a similar price range. Maybe they have been looking for months, and now they are going to settle for 2nd best because your home did not get in front of them quick enough. You may have signed the listing paperwork..you might even have a sign in your yard...but did you know that it takes several days for your home to hit the websites? Did you know that once your property is on MLS...if there is missing information (such as square footage, pictures, room sizes, schools...etc) by midnight, the night it goes on MLS...that shell of information will be scooped up by many websites, however, those websites will not come back and update your information the next day.

Most of the websites your property will feed to only update once or twice a month. Those sites only look for brand new listings every night at midnight. Therefore, if you do not have all the pictures you can have, with your MLS listing on the system the day it is entered, you may not have pictures on those websites for weeks. This is extremely frustrating for the buyer you are looking for. In fact, in my conversations with buyers, many say they just pass over a property that doesn't have photos. Don't be passed over. Invite us over to show you how we get you the most exposure and how our Instant Listing program could be the difference in thousands of dollars in equity.

You can contact us for a FREE, no cost, no obligation evaluation of our marketing plan and how we can help you get the most equity from your property.