Thursday, June 12, 2008

Investment Tip from The Korn Team

Here is a recent response to one of our investors that buys and flips homes. We are currently listing a property (which they did make a good investment on) and wanted to give him some additional tips to consider for the next property he purchases.

One thing I may have mentioned in the past is to really keep your eyes open for 3+ bedrooms with at least 1 1/2 baths. When considering a one bath home you will want to be getting a SUPER SUPER good deal, and/or if you plan to ad a 1/2 bath, then I would be careful on those properties. There are so many 3 bedrooms with more than one bath currently for sale, and it really does seem to take longer to sell the one bath homes over the 1 1/2 plus bath homes.

Garages are another HUGE plus! Even having a one car garage has much more demand than a home with no garage.

Good luck investing. If you would like a list of the investment values in Kansas City, just give us a call at 816-224-KORN (5676) and we will sign you up for our FREE Instant Notification Program that will email you properties the day they become available.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Is Here...It is Time to Move!

Many home buyers have been watching and waiting in the Real Estate Market. As the Media coninues to build hype about how BAD the market conditions are...the buyers are realizing this is a GREAT time to buy! The National Association of Realtors reported that the market has picked up about 3% in existing home sales during the month of February. In fact, The Korn Team closed 17 properties in March.

The interest rates continue to hover around the 6% rate, and with some of the great values out there in the market place it is hard to not want to make a move. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is making it easier to with the recent increase in FHA loan limits that are tied directly to the median home prices is giving buyers greater access to affordable funds.

To take advantage of this summer market, Sellers are going to need to put some extra effort into getting their homes ready for sale. It is still a competitive market and Buyer expectation are still pretty high. It is basically a "Beauty Contest AND a Price War". So, don't even slack off for one day. Do not leave dishes in the sink. Make your beds EVERY day! If you are in the Kansas City area or the Lincoln, NE area contact us to get a personal assessment on how to stage your home. You can get all of our contact information at or

So, go get some moving boxes, stage your home, and get ready to move this summer and take advantage of some of the best interest rates and home values we have seen in over 40 years.

Brad Korn
The Korn Team